Below are a few of my current tabletop homebrew projects. I primarily play and GM using the D&D5e ruleset, so most of my content is geared towards that.

Rise of the Blood Moon / D&D5e Campaign (2021 – present)

The current campaign I’m running is unlikely to be released to the public, as while the story is wholly the creation of myself and my players, it pulls bits of content from a variety of D&D5e sources, some official and some unofficial, notably Amellwind’s Monster Hunter Monster Manual which, if you’re at all familiar with the Monster Hunter series, is a fantastic resource for inventive new monsters to throw at your players.

Designing combat encounters around my players primarily fighting single huge monsters was a big change for me, and I’ve had to make numerous changes to monster stat blocks (even with Amellwind‘s guide as a starting point). That said, I’ve grown to really enjoy this style of combat, and my players are still having a blast after almost two years, so I must be doing something right! You can find some of my ramblings on this particular topic here.

In addition, rather than attempting to score my own music for the campaign, I’ve opted to instead leverage selections from my considerable library of pre-existing video game soundtracks. Through some hackery involving discord bots and virtual audio cables, I’m able to have appropriate background music playing at any given time for this (so far) fully virtual tabletop campaign, and to great effect.

Once the campaign wraps up, which will likely be sometime during 2023, I’ll try to remember to update this with a brief but hopefully useful post-mortem.

The Witch Knight / D&D5e Homebrew Class (2018 – present)

My initial goal for this project was to present the Demon Hunter from Blizzard Entertainment’s Warcraft universe as a playable class in D&D. To do this, I took features from several existing classes, such as the Barbarian, Monk, and Warlock, and retooled them to create something new that fits the Warcraft-ian Demon Hunter fantasy.

While the first iteration largely succeeded in allowing players to fulfill that fantasy, the complexity was too high, and it stepped on the toes of a few too many other classes. My other main gripe with the class was that it was too narrow in its thematic focus. The old version of the class can be found here:

Demon Hunter Class – Old Version – GMBinder

The second and current iteration is the result of a number of major revisions, including a rebranding to the “Witch Knight,” which allowed me to branch out and make the class less focused on demons and demonic traits and more on general magical transformations. While still a bit too complex mechanically, I’m fairly happy with this version and my playtesters – thanks Kevin and Robin! – have enjoyed playing the class as well. Here is the current version, which I intend to publish on the GMs Guild once I have time to make a few more changes to streamline the rules:

Witch Knight Class – Latest Revision – GMBinder

This latest version also features art from the wonderful and talented Cami Woodruff, who you can check out here! Many thanks to her for her stellar contribution to the project.

QUICK UPDATE (05/22/23): While I had intended to do another revision of this sooner, I think at this point it will need to wait until after Wizards of the Coast has released their latest version of D&D. There are some potential changes to the Warlock class (and spellcasting in general) that would be neat to incorporate into this class.

Way of the Four Elements / D&D5e Monk Subclass (2018)

My goal for this project was to make a more impressive and versatile version of one of the pre-existing subclasses for the Monk in D&D5e. The Way of the Four Elements subclass, as it originally stands, was a bit underpowered and failed to truly live up to the fantasy of being what is essentially the Avatar from Avatar: The Last Airbender and Avatar: The Legend of Korra. To correct this, I added a much wider swathe of elemental powers to choose from, and boosted the power and/or utility of those options that I kept.

Complexity was again an issue with this project. Future revisions may see abilities simplified or removed so as not to overwhelm the potential player. That said, as someone who traditionally plays spellcasters, I don’t tend to mind added complexity in melee classes; perhaps interested players will feel similarly.

If you’re interested in taking a closer look at this subclass, please contact me using the link below. At some point, I intend to have it up in GMBinder, but until then I’ll be giving out the link on a case-by-case basis.

Tomb of Annihilation Player’s Guide / D&D5e Campaign Supplements (2017 – 2019)

Just prior to the pandemic, I led a party of stalwart adventurers through Wizard’s Tomb of Annihilation campaign. I have some supplemental content I’ve created that I may host here once the campaign is completed. More than likely, however, it’ll end up being a blog post explaining what sources I pulled from rather than a dump of my files.

What I can share, however, is the music I wrote for the campaign. It’s an ongoing project, but there are a few tracks worth checking out:

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