Sheet Music

Below you can find samples of some of the sheet music I’ve written over the years, primarily for choirs. If you’re interested in performing any of these, drop me a line using the link at the bottom of the page and I can send you a perusal score, discussions of pricing can occur.

Commissions: If you’re looking to commission a piece of music, you’re welcome to contact me. However, due to my full-time job, depending on the deadline and time of year, I may not have the bandwidth to accommodate such things.

Stormy Weather (2018) / mixed choir, soloist

An arrangement of the classic tune, for mixed choir with soloist.

A Red, Red Rose (2012) / mixed choir unaccompanied

A lyrical, flowing piece for SATB choir with divisi. The lyrics are adapted from the iconic “My Luve’s Like a Red, Red Rose” by Robert Burns.

There is No Rose (2017) / mixed choir, percussion

A lively processional for SATB choir with divisi, percussion, and soloists using a traditional medieval text.

In Time of Daffodils (2016) / ATB choir, unaccompanied

A light and airy piece that explore a variety of tonal colors using only three voices.

The Lord’s Prayer (2009) / mixed choir, unaccompanied

A setting of the traditional Lord’s Prayer text for SATB choir, no divisi. The original performance, which is linked below, was performed by four soloists.

Praise to the Lord, The Almighty (2006) / mixed choir, unaccompanied

A short arrangement of a well-known hymn tune, written for SATB choir with divisi.

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