This page shows various software projects I’ve created throughout my career. Note that I’m limiting this to projects I’ve actually finished, so if you’re looking for what I’m currently working on, check out my blog instead.

PhaseOut / 2.5D Platformer Game (2011)

PhaseOut is a 2.5D speed-running platformer with light puzzle mechanics. This was my first official game project at DigiPen. I worked with 3 other programmers to bring the project to a playable build (pre-alpha) by the end of the semester. The end product was well received by those who played it, and I am quite proud of the work we did on the project.

Below is a list of the areas I was personally responsible for on this game. I did not have a hand in any of our graphics implementation or tools, but I interacted with many other areas of the code as needed.

Programming Responsibilities:

  • Set up of initial engine framework
  • Messaging/event system
  • Player movement and controls
  • Enemy behaviors
  • Physics, collision detection, collision groups
  • Audio system, FMOD implementation

Additional Accomplishments:

  • 3D models and animations
  • Level design
  • Music and sound effects

Anyone interested in acquiring the game, which should run on most modern Windows platforms, can acquire it using the link below:

Beta / Game Dev. Framework (2017 – 2019)

Beta is a programming framework designed to instruct intermediate programming students in two major areas:

  • How to develop simple 2D games using a custom C++ engine
  • How to develop systems for use in a custom C++ engine

I built this framework to address some perceived issues in the game development framework that I had been using, namely:

  • The graphics implementation was mostly just in a single file, not well organized.
  • I wanted to teach some practical applications of shaders in a way that was usable in the framework we were already using, but it didn’t expose any of what I needed to do that.
  • I wanted the students to use a framework that was written in the language we were learning along side it, in order to give a better sense of cohesion to the class as a whole.

The libraries for this project are currently private, as they were developed at DigiPen for my students, but you can find documentation and tutorials for the framework at my DigiPen faculty page here:

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